Has school changed?

It was great to meet with you all last night!

In our introductory first class we tried to use various electronic platforms to learn more about you and engage in some initial thoughts on school change. If you didn’t have the chance to complete your profile, please go to our Google doc to add your info.  Also, you can still complete the online survey as well. We really want to know more about your background experiences, your current work, and your thoughts on education!

As Dr. Hatch explained, we will be using this blog as a main page for the class. This blog bridges the public and private; on the left side of the page you will find links to Blackboard (where you will submit most of your work) and e-reserves (where you will find the readings), and on the right side of the page you will find our Twitter feed and Facebook page.  If you are active on social media, we welcome you to keep in touch and share your resources.

For next week:

(1) Review the assignment posted under Week 1 in the archives (see the questions to guide your reading)

(2) Please take a quick look at the articles and then sign up to focus on the work of one author on the Google doc

(3) Submit your “Ideal School Letter” on Blackboard (under student work forum). See assignment for letter details.

Finally, our brief class discussion about how school has changed since we were in kindergarten made me think about this humorous post from a few weeks ago. While the examples certainly won’t speak to everyone, the post made me think about the ways in which we tend to compare the schools experiences of children today to those of our own. How do you think these personal experiences help/hinder our efforts to support the education of the children of today?


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