What’s involved in change?

Yesterday, we met in small groups to discuss key ideas and questions that came up in the readings. Each group created a google doc, which they used to jot down quick notes that to share with each other and the class. You can find some of these links under the “About this course” section on the left. Then, everyone shared their Ideal School descriptions with one or two other people. We are looking forward to reading them and learning more about your ideas!
For next week, please come prepared to participate in small group discussions on the readings again. Looking ahead, you can find a link to the Reform Critique assignment (due 10/15) here, and you can find samples of student work from other classes on Blackboard (in the “Content” section). Please look over the assignment and begin to think about a reform you might like to focus on. If you have any questions, please speak with us in class next week.
Finally, here are a few videos that you might find interesting.
Dennis Shirley on The Global Fourth Way:

Clayton Christensen on disruptive innovation:

Peter Senge on webs of interdependence:


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