Designing new schools: the process

I really enjoyed last night’s class because it gave us an opportunity to hear from alumni, who shared their experiences developing new school designs for this class, as well as those who have the “real-world” experience of designing schools in NYC.  One interesting point that was made last night was about the process of design. I was struck by Dariana’s anecdote, in which she described meeting with parents in order to learn more about the kinds of school they wanted to see in their community. In this process of new school design, who gets to decide what a community needs? Who knows what’s best for students? As you go about thinking up your new school designs, how will the community in which your school will be situated influence your design process (if at all)?

I wanted to share a few videos I found that give information about some of the schools that were discussed last night, and also remind you to please let us know who is in your school design group. Please indicate your group at the bottom of this google doc.

iZone Scales of Innovation: The Cinema School from Manhattan Office of Educational on Vimeo.


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