Working as a team

Hi everyone,

Just another reminder to please complete our mid-semester survey.

Also, you might be interested in reading Professor Hatch’s latest blog post on education reform in Chile.


I wonder how all of you are finding ways to work together in this creative process. Do you feel that anyone’s voice is being left out? Have you found any strategies or methods for working in ways that help you to build upon ideas, instead of shutting them down? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

I thought I’d share a few resources related to the idea of productive teamwork.

  1. A short article from the Harvard Business Review that presents three strategies for promoting candor in the teamwork process, noting that companies with the best financial returns are often those that create working environments where everyone feels free to share their ideas.
  2. Another TED talk! So many of these talks really do present great ideas! In this video (below) you will hear about the Studio School, a new school design in the UK created to address the drop-out problem by having students work in teams to do “real work.”
  3. Finally, I came across this short piece called “What’s a theory of action and why do we need one?” I thought it might be helpful for those of you who are thinking about how to clarify your own theories of action.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.13.11 AM


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