On professional development

For those of you who were thinking about professional development last night, I thought you might be interested in the following two TED Talk videos.

First, Daniel Pink. This one is animated. Pink has studied and written about motivation at work and found that what we think motivates people (money!) might not be as effective in all areas.

(A side note, I’ve used these animated videos to present these ideas to my high school students and find that they really help them to understand complicated ideas better. What’s even better is then asking the students to animate their own ideas!)


The second is Teresa Amabile. I came across her work a few years ago, when her book The Progress Principle came out. She has also studied motivation and found that people are most motivated when they feel they are making small amounts of progress – “small wins,” she calls them.  If you know of other people who are interested in this question and presenting new ideas on motivation, please let me know and we can share them on the blog!


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