Week 10

culture 14 ppt

Assignment for November 5th 

School Culture

What kind of school culture(s) reflect your purpose and the learning you hope to support?


Berger, R. “The radon project.” In A culture of quality. Providence, RI. Annenberg Institute for School Reform, 13-51.

Stoll, L. (1998). School culture. School Improvement Network’s Bulletin, 9.

Hatch, T. (2009). “Developing common purposes and shared understanding.” Chapter 3 in Managing to change: How schools can survive (and sometimes thrive) in turbulent times. New York: Teachers College Press.


Evans, R. (2001) “The culture of resistance.” In L. Iura (Ed.), The Jossey-Bass reader on school reform. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

 These readings address issues of school culture and the challenges of trying to influence and shape school culture. While you read these articles, consider the relationship between purposes, practices and culture. In the Berger, Stoll, and Hatch readings, what practices support the development of shared purposes and a productive school culture? What lessons and strategies do these readings suggest for school designers?

Please come to class prepared to discuss how the readings might help to explain the cultures of the schools (or other organizations) you have been a part of. What contributed to productive cultures? What factors contributed to dysfunctional cultures?

Recommended for discussion in design teams: Draft description of proposed school’s purpose, location, and students/community

Please Note: We are also adjusting several of the assignments for the last few weeks of class. See here: revised assignment for 11-5 and rest of the year


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