Week 5

Assignment for October 1st, 2014


How can schools change?

An exploration of the theories behind a variety of approaches that seek to redesign schools and/or learning.

This week we will focus on learning more about the approaches and theories of action of two very different school designs: KIPP Academies and Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound.   To help us, several members of KIPP and ELOB will be joining us in class to talk about their experiences, how their models have changed over time, and what they have learned in the process. To help prepare for the discussion, please review the required materials and scan their websites. As you do so, please focus on what they see as the key problems that their design addresses and their key goals and strategies. The visitors who will be talking about KIPP currently work at the Relay Graduate School of Education and one used to work at Uncommon Schools so please explore their websites as well to gain background information. You may also be interested in exploring some of the other school designs that are linked from the online syllabus.



Dimensions of student achievement in EL schools (on Blackboard)

Expeditionary Learning Core Practices (on Blackboard)

Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound: http://elschools.org/

KIPP: http://www.kippnyc.org/ (for a general overview)

KIPP Sharing and Collaboration: http://kipp.org/our-approach/sharing-and-collaboration

Uncommon Schools http://www.uncommonschools.org/

Relay Graduate School of Education http://www.relay.edu/


Websites from other school designs or charter management organizations such as Big Picture Company, Success for All; Core Knowledge etc.


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