Week 7

Assignment for October 15th, 2014



October 15th: What can new schools look like?


This week’s class will include visits from members of last year’s class (including Lindsay Mann, Chris Ongaro, Erika Halstead, and Lydia Chan) who will discuss their designs and the design process with you. In addition, you will have a chance to meet Dariana Castro (formerly at Brooklyn International School) and Rex Bobbish (formerly from the Cinema School) who have recently joined the Office of New Schools in New York City. They can tell you about the process of opening new schools here and how that may be changing. This class is designed to provide plenty of time for conversation and questions, so please come prepared to participate by reading the school design proposals from our alumni visitors and the background materials from our NYC visitors. You may also be interested in learning more about the iZone, created by the NYC DOE several years ago to support and scale innovations in learning in NYC schools.



Grossman, Halstead, McIntyre, & Shalev — School Design

Colemenares, Johnston, Mann, & Ongaro — Learning Is Foundational and Experiential (LIFE)

Chan, Herman, & Sheerer — Blossom Academy (Executive Summary and PPT)

Brylinski, Elsamadicy, & Wijaya –YNI: You Name it! An International Model of Middle-School


New York City DOE – New Schools FAQ http://schools.nyc.gov/community/newschools/New%20Schools%20FAQ

Cinema School http://thecinemaschool.org/

An interview with Rex Bobbish, former principal, Cinema School http://responsibility-project.libertymutual.com/articles/the-cinema-school-all-hands-on-the-future#fbid=DjdwphkS0Zz

Brooklyn International School http://www.mybihs.org/

Castro, D. (2009) The International High School at Prospect Heights: WNYC Reports On Our Work http://internationalsnps.org/newsletters/Newsletter_April%202009.pdf

Fertig, B. (2009) Brooklyn International Students on ‘Being American’ http://www.wnyc.org/story/74732-brooklyn-international-students-on-being-american/



NYC iZone http://izonenyc.org/



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